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High commissions!

You've probably heard of other phone card affiliate programs that are giving 10% or less in commissions per sale, with most of them just paying on the first time purchase from a customer.   Not with USPT's High Commission Phone Cards Affiliate program; E-trepreneur.

With the E-trepreneur program, you get up to 50% (average around 22%) commission (higher commission)!   That's the highest commission pay out for any online phone card affiliate program out there!


If a customer signs up with your instant phone card web site, he/she belongs to your site. You will get commission for first time purchase, and any subsequence purchases from that customer, on your site.   Unlike other affiliate programs that gives you commission for the first time purchase only or reduce your commission

Huge Pie ($$$$$)!

By joining the E-treprenuer program, you are joining in on a $4 billion dollar prepaid phone card industry, with 400 million in growth per year! (Intelecard news).

No Risk!

You have virtually no risk, but everything to gain. We take care of everything except marketing your site.   All you have to do is bring customers to your instant phone card web site and earn commissions 24/7.   That's right, even when you are asleep or, on vacation!

No Lease - No Contract - If you think an online phone card business is not for you, please let us know.   No obligation upon termination.

We have the Goods!

What's the point of marketing if you do not have what customers want?   We are proud to say that we have the largest variety of calling card or phone card products on the market today. With over 650 products and adding every week, we strive to provide the most complete product line anyone can carry.

You are safe with us!

We have 25 years combined experience in the telecommunication industry.  Unlike most of the start-up companies, we have an experienced team, which comprises our backbone and unfaltering support system. We are here to stay.

Only $99.95 for a fully functional instant pin phone card web site!

If you were to set up your own instant pin, phone card web site, it would cost anywhere from $3,000.00 to $20,000.00. That's not including the hassle of getting a merchant account, providing customer service, customer verification, getting products, investment in inventory, etc.   We provide all that to you for the very low rate of $99.95 & monthly fee of $6.99.   How much more affordable can it get?   Don't wait, sign up today!

Home Based Business With High Earnings

E-Treprenuer Program is a totally home based business with best benefits. Since it's all online and all goods are digital (phone card PINs), delivery is instant. No other home-based-business provides flexibility that our affiliate program can provide. No manual labor involved in this perfect home based business. All you need is an internet connection and a personal computer to do your work! Simply put, E-treprenuer is the best work-at-home program you'll find.

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