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When are commissions paid?
US Prepaid Telecom makes commission payments on the seventh day of the month. You are paid commissions on any successful transaction.  Commissions will be debited if fraudulent activity occurs and if we are not be able to resolve the charge back problem.  You will not be liable for the cost of products, only the percentage that you receive will be deducted.  This will prevent a double loss on the USPT side.  If your commission is less than $50 after subtracting monthly fee or other fees, we will send your check on the next payment date.

How are commissions paid?
We will mail you a check. If you didn't fill out your payment information when building your store, be sure to visit “Manage Your Store” to up-date your information. US Prepaid Telecom distributes commission checks in the form of U.S. Dollars.  Your account  information must be kept up-to-date so that you can receive your commission payments. US Prepaid Telecom will not be held responsible if your information is incomplete or incorrect.

What if I do not reside in the USA?
We will send your commission check via FEDEX in the form of Travelers Cheque, in U.S. dollars. Additional fees may apply.

What are the commission percentages?
US Prepaid Telecom commissions range from 16% – 41% with 90% of products over 20% on instant online pins.  Each Product has it own unique commission that can change depending on availability and pricing. You will be notified 3 days prior to changes made in the percentages.  For prepaid wireless, “ANI Programs”, and other prepaid products, please see the profit percentage chart.

Do I still get commissions on products I buy from my own store?
Yes. US Prepaid Telecom pays you a commission on every completed transaction that sells in your store.

What types of commission reports are there?
The US Prepaid Telecom Electronic Accounting Tracking System (EATs) contains a section entitled “Global Profitability” in real-time transaction.  It has many features to help you to manage your store, including sales history, and commission status for each sale.

How do I pay my set up fee?
During the setup process, you will pay either by credit card or debit card (ATM) from the US Prepaid payment solution, in the “OPEN STORE” section. If you do not have a credit card or debit card, you can pay by personal check, company check, travel check, money order, wire transfer, or bank draft, to be sent to our office address. You can also fax the personal check or company check (Check by Fax). As soon as the funds are available, we will assign you to your requested Domain Address.

How much is the set up fee?
The set up fee is $99.95. This fee is for the purchase of your domain name, secure certificate license (SSL), programming, and others applicable fees.

Will I be refunded if I decide not to continue doing business with USPT?
No, because we do not keep the money.  For example, the domain company will not refund us on the domain name you choose if you decide not to use it. We will keep it for as long as needed. We have the right not to release the domain name and we have the right to continue to pay for the domain name that you choose as long as we deem necessary.

How much is the monthly fee?
We charge US$6.99/month for hosting your web site.

Do I own the domain name that I choose?
No.  As long as you still doing business with USPT, the domain name is yours. USPT is leasing the domain name to you in order for you to use our service. Please refer to the “terms and conditions” section.

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